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Tuesday, August 4, 2015



Words and Audiences began creeping into my imagination unconsciously in High School. It began in Basic School where i lacked teachers grounded in the sciences. My school was in a rural community where few teachers existed, we had no access to electricity or pipe-borne water; whenever i wanted to read for a test i use the kerosene lamp, whenever we needed water i would accompany my friends to the river to fetch water; as a matter of fact the teachers in my School were solely Social Science and Art teachers; they transported themselves from the city where their families lived. I was in the 'land of good people' ; a hamlet where mud houses existed, where you would vividly see the African tradition unveiled in context and style, where education was for the opportuned few and where illiterates are like the sand by the seashore . I was among the opportuned few by sheer luck. From Childhood i had longed to be a Doctor; but my environment hindered this, no wonder my pastor said "when you are in the wrong place at the right time, you'll be displaced" . As a result of wrong placement my interests shifted from the sciences to the arts (which i thought are for the average performers) , I became more focused on subjects like Literature, Government, Moral Education and English language; I dreaded Mathematics which now is my best subject. Though i performed excellently in my Junior school; i still  needed a piece of sandpapers to smooth en my errors. My teachers in school asked my Aunt to take me to the city so i could be in an environment that could sharpen me. Prior to this, she resolved in taking me to the city. I wrote my entrance test that week of which i performed excellently in English but had an average in maths. At the end of  1st term, i wrote my examination and performed poorly. Each day i woke up i would pick my report sheet painted in 'red' and ask my self "what happened Peter?". As a matter of fact i thought about it while walking in the street, soliloquized it while eating and even dreamth about it. In my tensed moment, i realized i had to let go and create myself a better future. Days and weeks passed by till resumption the next term.


The next term i made up my mind to continue with the sciences. I resumed school in the sciences, specifically grade 11. I had a wrong foundation but i never knew it would affect me. Majorly my challenges then were indecision. At the end of the term i performed poorly again. Students who offered the sciences in my school were all geniuses. I was also a genius but i was in the wrong place. I believed when you put a piece of paper close to SS 2 EAGLE (Science class) it would be gulped up by flames. I  switched from the sciences to Social sciences (SS 2 SWIFT) and my performances this time were beyond measure. It seemed like i had veils on my eyes, but thank the Good lord who arrested me with the rays of a bright light. My interests were reawakened and my shivers were complemented with warmth. At last i believed forensic evidences i heard and saw, most of these forensic experts believe you'll do better when you pursue your interests. Thereafter i developed interest for reading and writing and soon i was elected as the President of the Press Club in my school, my school proprietress often advice us to embrace handwork and be good representatives of the school wherever we go. Months later i became an Associate Editor for my School Magazine 'THE ANCHOR' . My tenacity never faltered, i was also selected to represent my school in an  inter-school essay competition, on getting there i felt an unforeseen snow falling on me, meanwhile we have only wet and dry season here in Nigeria. My classmates were surprised at my sudden change in mood. On the hot seat it seemed like i wanted to pee, in the long run my school came out 3rd position in the state competition, "Lucky me" i exclaimed. Once more i thanked the good Lord for saving me. I finally rounded up my High School as the best Student in Social Sciences/Arts. However my dream of writing still lingered.


Two years later after i gained admission into the College of Education;  i  attended a Congress in September where we were taught in a workshop to maximize our potentials. The lead speaker spoke much about the secrets of success for life and living. I became inspired and got a cartnipea to writing. Two days after the congress i started my first unpublished book. It began with the composition of content on the A5 papers i collected from my lecturer's office, i had no access to a computer, i only had a Nokia 2700 with one spare battery. I often times use my phone for my research (assignments or mini-projects) coupled with good services provided by my local network (MTN). I was inspired by books i read at my leisure (Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Wole Soyinka's Area Boy) and films like "Three Idiots" as well as motivational books. I was resolutely determined to cause a change in writing. I began writing with my Nokia 2700 which aided me in searching Google for articles and blogs on writing.

I thought of improving my grammar, diction and sentence construction. To realize this i began reading articles online, as i grazed line after line i came across instances where i could use the right diction and as well i learnth a lot on sentence construction and paragraphing. On a particular day, i came across a friend named Murhammed, he owns this site, he coached me on blogging and grammar conquest for a couple of days, he further referred me to writing competitions where i could win laurels to realize my writing dream.

I succinctly Practiced writing everyday as i was taught in MY 500 group on facebook, particularly i had a timetable which further enabled me to practiced writing. Alongside i read lots of motivational writeup from the Tiny Budha's site. I got a hint to continue my book which i eventually rounded up on 1st October, 2014. I participated in a lot of Essay Competitions which i typed with my Nokia 2700, the organizers of those competition would reply me thus: "thanks for your entry, please submit in MS word or docx file". I was broke, as such i couldn't afford the charges at the cyber café close to my school. In Dec 2014 one of my close friends referred me to his friend who gave me a PC which i used in typing an essay i submitted. I was happy and it seemed like i should not return the PC any longer.


I told important dignitaries about my dream, but their responses could make you shiver, however a greater force would whisper into my ears "never give up on your dream" . Regardless of non-facilitation or support i believed i would emerge a successful writer someday. One of my uncles called me on phone to visit him which i did, there and then i rephrased my writing dream to his ears and he encouraged me to keep the good faith. While i spent my holiday in the Niger Delta, i was inspired to begin my second book. At this point in my life i lost hope . I resolved to quit writing. My close allies told me to stop building castles in the air. I scanned myself in an imagined X-ray and never saw a ray of hope, once more i dropped my pen.


On march 6th 2015 i received an email and it reads: "congratulations your essay emerged among the winning entries in the Chudanog Publishers Essays". I hopped like a kangaroo on hearing this. "The stone which the builder rejected has become the chief corner stone" i exclaimed. I also remembered a bible quotation which reads "can any good thing come out of Nazareth?" I exclaimed once more "Yes". My database has just been restored, I began writing once more. I received another mail in May 2015 from the Model UN institute which reads "congratulations, we were so impressed with your essay on violence" the list goes on... I remembered a quote it reads thus: "it is better to fail while trying than to quit".


I believe you have learnth a lot from my experiences as an upcoming writer. I have the dream of capturing the minds of the world populace with my writing, you should never stop dreaming, dreaming is a step to practice, while practice is a step to excellence.

I have learnth to make persistence my watchword irrespective of my limitations. I believe nothing can take the place of persistence in your life. I believe i would win more prizes and get to the zenith of my career, but i have to combine handwork and optimism to realize my writing dream.

Additionally, to get your tools as a writer you dont need to sit down and expect mannas to fall from heaven like i did. If you recall what i said earlier, the essay organizers often tell  me to resubmit my work in docx file. From this you can tell that my work lacked coherence and order. I often use my Nokia 2700 to type my essay. Additionally, In Carnegie Council's essay 2014, i nose dived and checked my entry on the blog, i noticed my essay was not properly written, It consisted of a long text without paragraphs and void of direction. I would advice upcoming writers especially in Nigeria to work so you can purchase your tools to levitate yourself of a nut cracking encounter i faced. Though i am an upcoming writer, i know i would be prolific someday.

I would love to conclude with the words of Lily Kopel which reads "there is something hopeful about a diary, a journal and a new notebook, perhaps we are all waiting for someone to discover us.

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